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's budget deficit. >>> taking action and demanding answers. the national nonprofit group is speaking out after an nbc bay area investigation. on tuesday, nbc exposed schools not complying with title ix. jenna joins us with the new developments. >> reporter: equal rights advocates call the results of our investigation shocking and disturbing. the national nonprofit is questioning more than 100 school districts in the bay area about their title ix policies. here's why. we uncovered an array of problems. principals who didn't know who the title ix coordinator was. others who were the coordinator but didn't know it. and educators who had no idea what title ix is. now, they're asking districts showing documentation showing their compliance. proof that schools have procedures and policies in place to protect students from sexual harassment. >> i was shocked by some of the responses that were revealed in the report. our public information requests are what schools should be doing. otherwise, the e-mails you saw would be more pervasive. >> reporter: the nonprofit is hoping to identify gaps in co
. no team has ever recovered from a three games to nothing deficit in world series history. the two runs in the second inning and that is all they ended up needing. final score, 2-0. the giants will go for a series sweep tomorrow night. and jamie sire, comcast sportsnet has more on the big victory. >> reporter: for all the time the giants spent playing catch-up in the first part of the postseason, they picked a perfect time to put their foot on the gas. they have not trailed since the end of game four in the nlcs and now they sit just one win away from a world series title. >> growing up, that's exactly where i wanted to know. being one game away. we're going to take it one game at a time. just like we have all postseason and going into tomorrow, 0-0. >> you have to keep going about your business as usual and come out tomorrow ready to go. and don't think about where you're at. but go out. try to win tomorrow night. these guys have done a great job of that. whether they've been down like we have, 0 zsh 2 or 3-1. we're up. but there's still a lot of business at hand. >> to be able to take
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2